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HR Interrupted. is committed to partnering with your organization to develop impactful and sustainable workplace strategies that advance the People and Culture agenda. In doing so, we are intentional about creating partnerships and providing offerings that compliment your organizational commitments and priorities.

With intentionality, we specialize in providing People, Business, and Culture strategies and resources that re-imagine and uplift the employer/employee relationship. Our services include:

  • Serve as a collaborator and advocate around your organization/agency’s Representation,   Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Belonging (REIAB) Strategies to create safe and impactful workspaces.
  • Conduct in-depth organizational review, through a REIAB lens to identify actions and  resources needed to disrupt the workplace status quo Facilitate REIAB safe space conversations for ALL levels of the organization/agency
  • Deliver customized REIAB learning conversations (training) that align with your organization/agency’s commitment
  • Moderate candid team conversations and team-building events that support workplace psychological safety
  • Facilitate 1:1 Career and Life/Work Blend Conversations (Coaching/Collaborating)
  • Conduct People, Business and Culture Strategies (HR) Boots on the Ground Camp for exploring, early and mid-career HR professionals and organizational People leaders
The bottom line is that we do all things REIAB for today’s People, Business and Culture Leaders also known as Human Resources (HR)!