Front of the Line

Have you said, thought or considered the following:
“The most important thing to me as an HR Influencer is managing my LIFE/WORK BLEND”
“How do I manage MY mental health as a HR Influencer?”
“How do we create a work environment that advocates for psychological safety?”
“As an HR Influencer, what does my next career opportunity look like?”
“I am tired of being everything to everybody but myself.”
“Organizational leaders still see HR as the folks who always say NO.”
“Someone told me that working in HR is not for the faint hearted. Is that true? Why?”
“Human Behavior is fascinating. How can we really control the outcomes in HR?”
“I am new to the HR game, and I don’t want to wait until I am considered advance career to have my voice heard.”
“When is it MY turn to shine?”
“I love my job, but navigating organizational politics is not my forte.”

If the answer is Yes to any of the following, you are invited to join us for FRONT OF THE LINE, a weekly interactive conversation created especially for today’s HR Influencers, Leaders and Contributors.

Our Front of the line series is under construction! Please Check back for updates.